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Booking and Payment

Booking on line - the easiest way of booking and purchase

  1. View our menu and choose your tour or service.
  2. Fill the instant booking form in (only white panes) and submit.
  3. Your order and price will be confirmed to you by e-mail as soon as possible, in 24 hours at the latest. If you prefer payment by credit/debit card we will send a bank form to you. If you prefer payment by bank transfer we will send you our bank details.
  4. Read the confirmation carefully and realize the selected way of payment. In case of credit/debit card payment – fill the bank form with the requested data and submit it to the bank please. The bank will send you a result of the authorization. In case of payment on account of All-Prague-Tours our bank data will be provided. Only after receipt of the payment your order will be filed.
  5. After confirmation and prepayment we will send you the voucher for your services. The voucher will content all service details and is necessary to be printed and read carefully.
  6. When you realize your services you will be asked to present your voucher.

Privacy policy

We are obligated to protect your privacy. Your personal data we will only use to process your order and provide you the best possible service.

For on-line sales we collect the following information:

Payment offer

We always request the prepayment of the services. The prepaid amount must be put down to the All-Prague-Tours account at the latest:

If you order a service in a shorter time the individual terms will be made.

Prepayment will be charged except otherwise stated:

Regular tours
100% of the total price on the booking date
Private tours
100% of the total price on the booking date or 50% of the total price on the booking date and 50% in term prearranged in the booking confirmation
100% of the total price on the booking date
100% of the total price on the booking date
Hotels and theatre/concert tickets
individual conditions will be stated at booking with reference to the hotel/performance, term, number of persons e.t.c.

We offer you a selection of two ways of payment:

  1. By credit/debit card (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro)
  2. On account of the A.P.T.

On the booking form you will select and mark the way of payment and the relevant form/information will be sent to you by e-mail.

Credit/debit card payment

the secure way of payment

VISA VISA Electron MasterCard Maestro

We accept VISA and MASTER CARD. We don´t charge any additional payment. We use a service of E-commerce payment in cooperation with the GPE (Global Payments Europe). This service is based on the safest standards defined by VISA and MASTER CARD associations. This standards are marked by the term 3D Secure and presented by marks Verified by VISA (VbV) and MasterCard Secure-Code.

MasterCard SecureCodeVerified by VISA

3D Secure

Cancellation conditions

are valid for all tours and services except otherwise stated. Cancellations must be always advised in writing/by e-mail to the All-Prague-Tours travel agency (thereinafter A.P.T.)

Cancellation fees for regular tours - individual tourists (1-9 pax)

Cancellation fees for regular tours - groups (more than 9 pax)

Cancellation fees for private tours

The cancellation of services previously confirmed must always be sent to the A.P.T. in writing/by e-mail and must be by A.P.T. reconfirmed.

The prepaid amount will be given back in accordance with these cancellation conditions.

Cancellation fees for hotels and theatre/concert tickets

Individual cancellation conditions will be stated on the booking confirmation.

Cancellation in write = cancellation by e-mail at reservations@allpraguetours.cz